Ride Finder App | FAQs

Discount Ride is the newest ride finder app for affordable transportation in Phoenix. And it’s so simple to use. In fact, if you can use a smartphone, then you can order rideshare cars and vans, as well as Discount Cab taxis and specialty vehicles. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about how to use our ride finder app and services:

  • Where Can I Get the App? For iPhone users, just search for Discount Ride in the Apple app store. Android users will find the app in the Google Play store.
  • Do I Need a Credit Card? When you create an account, you can save a credit card on file, but it is not required to use the app.
  • Can I Use Cash? Yes! While using a credit card is a convenient way to pay for rides, you can also pay with cash if you choose.
  • How Do I Book a Taxi? With the Discount Ride app, you are in control of which type of vehicle you want for each trip. Just choose a nearby taxi and pay our normal rate of $2.25 per mile*.
  • Why Is Ridesharing Cheaper? Our rideshare drivers use their own cars to provide reliable transportation around town, allowing them to charge a discounted rate of $.95 per mile*.
  • Are Weekends More Expensive? No. Our rideshare option has no surge or peak pricing during busier times or days of the week.
  • Can I Calculate the Cost Before I Book? Yes. Our ride fare calculator will provide you with an estimate of your trip using Google Maps.
  • Are There Additional Fees? Rideshare cars cost $.95 per mile, plus $.26 per minute, with no additional fees. Rideshare vans do require a $10 surcharge.
  • How Do I Get a Free Ride? Download the app, set up an account, place a credit card on file, and enter the promo code RIDE10 for a $10 credit on your first app-booked ride.
  • Can I Become a Driver? Absolutely! Just apply online to drive in Phoenix or soon in Tucson.

For more information about the best new ride finder app in Arizona, just visit our Discount Ride website!

*See complete pricing details here.