Get H-APP-Y With Discount Ride App

If you haven’t downloaded our Discount Ride app yet, what are you waiting for? With this convenient tool, one thing you’ll never have to wait long for is a ride! You’ll also earn H-APP-Y Rewards with every trip you take, which makes using Discount Ride even sweeter.

What is the Discount Ride App?

We’re glad you asked! Our app makes it easy to get you where you need to be and want to go. It even allows you to choose the type of vehicle you want — all with a few clicks on your smartphone. Whether you want to hail a traditional cab from our sister company’s eco-friendly fleet or book our just-as-convenient ridesharing service, this app makes it all happen. Need a specialty vehicle? The Discount Ride app offers a variety to choose from at your fingertips.

The Benefits of the Discount Ride App

At Discount Ride, our user-friendly app streamlines the process of getting around Phoenix and Tucson. Here are a few more convenient features you’ll have with the Discount Ride app.

  • Book rides in seconds and even schedule future pickups.
  • Choose a vehicle that meets your needs.
  • Know your driver’s name and the make of their car before they arrive.
  • Get your estimated fare before you’re picked up.
  • Keep track of your ride’s location using our handy map.
  • Upload your credit card information for quick payments.
  • Add a tip if you desire to show your driver additional appreciation.
  • Rate your driver, and let us know how we’re doing.
  • Track your H-APP-Y Rewards

What Are H-APP-Y Rewards?

You’re probably wondering what exactly H-APP-Y Rewards are by now, so here’s the scoop. With this program, you’ll be rewarded for your loyalty every time you use Discount Ride! After 10 trips, the 11th is on us*. How awesome is that? And, joining the program costs you nothing. We’ll send you a promo code once you qualify, and it will be accessible in the Promotions section of the Discount Ride app.

Ready to ride? Then now’s the time to pick up your phone and download the Discount Ride app. It’s easy to use, and the benefits will drive you H-APP-Y!

*Restrictions apply. See website for details.