An Uber Alternative For Visiting Guests

Discount Ride is the Uber alternative you need when you have out-of-town guests coming to enjoy the Arizona sunshine on a winter vacation. While it’s great to have faraway family and friends come to visit, it can be a challenge to show them the town with just one vehicle or a smaller sized car. Fortunately, Discount Ride makes it easy to book rideshare cars, vans, taxis, and specialty vehicles for those times that you need an extra set of wheels.

No More Stranded House Guests

When guests come to visit, you may still have to go to work or take the kids to school or their regular activities. If you only have one car, this can mean that your guests are stuck at your house while you take care of your normal, everyday responsibilities. Discount Ride can solve this problem by giving your visiting guests the freedom to get where they want to go without the pressure of having to share your car. By downloading our easy to use phone app, your guests can see the sights around town while you continue to fulfill your daily obligations.

Getting There Together as a Family

When the house is filled with multiple guests, trips out to dinner or a day out at the local tourist attractions can often mean piling into multiple rental cars. Instead, Discount Ride can get you where you are going together with our Ride Van rideshare option. Our friendly driving partners can pick you and the whole gang up in their own, well-maintained high occupancy vehicles. At just $.95 per mile (plus $.26 per minute and a $10 van surcharge)*, these rideshare vans are the affordable Uber alternative to get you all where you need to go.

By downloading the Discount Ride app, you have instant access to our entire family of rideshare cars and vans, as well as our fleet of Discount Cab taxis and specialty vehicles. With rideshare service in Phoenix (and soon in Tucson), accommodating visiting family and friends is easier and more convenient than ever before.

*See complete pricing details here.